Daft Punk Concert Stage Design

Stage-- 2017-06-10 19083600000Stage~~ 2017-06-10 19390800000


Commercial Library

Being given a brief to design a commercial library which is aimed at the younger generation in an effort to encourage studying, I used the film ‘Tron’ as a base concept to create a futuristic interior space and external facade.commercial-library-ground-floorcommercial-library-sectioncommercial-library-second-floorEntrance2 2014-05-04 23081200000commercial-library-entrancecommercial-library-glass-flooring-detailspare 2014-05-09 11333600000

Thorpe Park Dome Interior Design Proposal

‘The Dome’ is the main hub of Thorpe Park Resort. Housing restaurants, cafes, staff facilities, customer services etc. It is a large scale commercial building which for my university final major project I chose to create a renovation design to reflect the parks more current style and branding. Using movement as a concept, the design focuses on human motion and the paths they take, creating a flowing, universal design.cafe roof 2015-05-09 1053430000022thorpe-park-floor-planthorpe-park-building-sectionexterior restaurant (2) 2015-05-08 1236490000022exterior restaurant - Copy 2015-05-08 22222image 2